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At TCU, we’re preparing students for a world in need of broadened perspectives and ethical leadership.

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TCU began as a progressive and personal college for men and women with a dream to learn and lead.

Nearly 150 years later, we are still that place.




Amsterdam tourists see a red light district. A TCU professor sees a classroom.

“Who determines what is normal?” the sex worker asked the students. This class challenged everything they thought they knew about crime, justice and human dignity. TCU students broadened their worldview when they visited Amsterdam’s Red Light District, where prostitution isn’t just legal — it’s unionized. Understanding the issues is just one reason TCU’s criminal justice department is a top-ranked program.

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34 Fulbrights
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A “Great College to Work For”
9 Years in a Row
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#2 MBA Faculty Quality in the World
#1 MBA Faculty
Quality in the World
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Making an Impact for the Greater Good

Abbey Widick meets with mentor Kathy Cavins-TullFear of failure can be a powerful motivator, but failure itself can be a marvelous teacher — especially in the right environment. Kathy Cavins-Tull, vice chancellor of student affairs, explains the university’s safety net for students.



Meditation groupTCU nurse anesthetists with expertise in pain treatment are teaching colleagues to help patients with chronic pain reduce or transition away from opioids, or – better yet – to manage their pain without opioids in the first place.



Amina Zarrugh, assistant professor of sociology, researches the convergence of the specter of Islamic terrorism and negative attitudes about Latino migrants. Muslims and Latinos, Zarrugh said, share a similarity in being looked upon as “perpetual foreigners.”



Liran Ma, associate professor of computer science, noticed his mother’s hearing was deteriorating and began exploring ways to use Apple’s built-in functions and headphones to act as a hearing aid.




german gutierrez documentary stillGermán Gutiérrez believes in the power of music. TCU’s director of orchestras says music is a way for people to work together and put aside political differences.