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How alumna Alex Snodgrass built a foodie empire on social media


After completing her first round of the Whole30 program in 2015, Alex became a huge proponent of clean eating. Like many Texans, she enjoys big bold flavors—so her healthy dishes never skimp on taste. They’re hearty, healthy and delicious.


Alex Snodgrass ’10 is the foodie and healthy lifestyle blogger behind The Defined Dish. With an Instagram following nearing the 100k mark, she inspires others to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle by sharing her easy-to-prepare meals that never sacrifice flavor.


On Choosing TCU

I grew up in a small north Texas town, so I knew I wanted a college where I’d be more than just a number. I wanted a school where the teachers would actually remember my name and teach me something about life beyond the classroom. Visiting campus for the first time, I immediately fell in love with the homey atmosphere, the kind folks of Fort Worth and all that TCU stood for academically. I knew right away there was no other place for me. As an alumna, I find myself supporting TCU and attending all of the football games. The sense of community just never leaves and I crave being surrounded by it.


On TCU Grads as a Force for the Greater Good

Looking back at my years at TCU, I feel a wave of gratitude for the positive environment that TCU provided for me to grow as a person. TCU teaches its students to support and care for one another as a community. Yes, there was healthy competition, but the sense of respect Horned Frogs have for one another is a pretty beautiful thing. That has stayed with me, even now that I work in the cutthroat world of social media. Hundreds of thousands of people are out there trying to make it as food influencers, and I find myself cheering for others in my field because I hope we can all make it.

To be successful, you have to be unique. I feel that I offer my readers something different than the rest. Why would I put others down in order to build my brand? TCU helped embed this deep sense of integrity and with that, I am so proud to be a Horned Frog.


On Professional Preparation

TCU taught me so much more than what I found in books— I left with the tools to become an entrepreneur. From day one, I felt like part of a community, because TCU is all about providing students with opportunities to connect and grow together. With small class sizes, teachers encourage each student to interact and engage, which has given me a lot of confidence as an individual. Sitting in the back of a classroom and hiding was never an option. TCU teaches you how to be a leader.


On the “Why” Behind Her Business

After marrying and having kids, I found myself a stay-at-home mom. I’ve always loved being creative in the kitchen, so I decided this would be the perfect way for me to become the business woman I always wanted to be while staying at home with my kiddos.

If you are truly passionate about something and share that with the world, there is always a way to turn that passion into a business— with the right tools. TCU definitely provided me with those tools. It’s taken a lot of work, but it is so rewarding to see my recipes change people’s lives for the better. I’ve been growing at an insane rate (600% increase in my website traffic in one year), and I am working on some super exciting projects. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for my brand.


Nashville un-fried hot chicken is one of Alex’s fan-favorite recipes.
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