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Kouat Noi is on his way to change the world. But first, the NIT.

Kuoat Noi TCU Mens Basketball

Kuoat Noi and the TCU Horned Frogs head to the Big Apple on April 2 for the semifinal round of the NIT.

The Horned Frogs head to the Big Apple for the NIT semifinals on April 2. Player Kouat Noi has big plans on and off the court.

Kouat Noi’s childhood was not an easy one. His family fled war-torn South Sudan for Egypt, then later Australia, where Kouat developed a love and talent for the game of basketball.

Now a key member of the TCU Men’s Basketball team, Kouat not only excels on the court, he follows an ambitious dream to make a difference. Currently studying interior design in pursuit of an architectural career, Kouat hopes to return to South Sudan to help build hospitals and schools where they are most needed.

I feel it’s my mission to go help my people of South Sudan. I feel like anybody can change the world no matter where you are from.

Lead on, Kouat. Lead On.


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