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How can college students help bridge cultural differences on campus? Tips from Ebony Rose

Ebony Rose, TCU Student Development Services

    Growing up in a multicultural family in a small Texas town, Ebony Rose wasn’t sure where she fit in. Today, she’s found her place at TCU as director of student organizations. Ebony helps Horned Frogs speak confidently about themselves and bridge cultural differences with others through programs like Intentional Dialogue Training.

How can you get involved and make the most of your college experience? Abbey Widick shares

Abbey Widick, TCU student government

    Abbey Widick loves being involved. Since coming to TCU, she’s been part of Frog Camp, study abroad, her sorority and the Chancellor’s Leadership Program. Abbey is dedicated to championing social issues and representing the voices of her fellow students through her leadership role in Student Government.

How a Texas professor may have a solution to the West’s water woes

Jeff Geider TCU ranch management

How much water does a head of cattle need? Depending on how hot it is outside, it can be up to 20 gallons a day, a whole lot more than the eight glasses of water you’re supposed to be drinking. Coupled with huge population growth throughout the West, agriculture and ranching are huge users of… Read more »

5 lessons we can all learn from dumpster diving

industrial garbage bin with the word "waste" painted on the front

For as long as he can remember, Jeff Ferrell has had a hunter-gatherer approach to life, exploring the path not taken to see what he could find. Riding around on a scrounged mountain bicycle, Ferrell investigates people’s trash, finding an endless array of discarded items, from scrap metal and new clothes to unopened presents. “I grew… Read more »

Learn why this professor encourages more play for better learners

Debbie Rhea, TCU LiiNK Project

If you ask American kids what their favorite subject in school is, their excited reply is often “recess!” And that isn’t a bad thing — physical activity boosts brain function, improving development, academic performance and creativity in the classroom. So why do students in this country get so little playtime? Debbie Rhea, associate dean of… Read more »